Français Genève

To learn French in Geneva... in a nice way!

  • With French, get the most out of life in Geneva !
  • Short term, or ongoing...
  • If you have a specific goal, or if you are just wanting to begin, or to improve...

I will adjust to your level (beginner to advanced), needs, and expectations.

  • Private course / 2 or 3 persons


Dominique, French teacher


ideal to strengthen and consolidate skills learned from another course, past or present

Classic Program with textbook

speaking, listening, reading,

grammar, homework


  • Delf A1, A2, B1, B2, Dalf C1
  • Permis
  • ...


  • preparation for French/general knowledge tests and interviews

 Job Search

  • preparation for interviews
  • cover letter, CV, job search techniques
  • orientation


You hesitate to enroll in a class, but wish for some notion of the French language...

"Just a taste"

Mini-introduction to French

One hour "flash" course

1 x 60mn

  • For complete beginners
  • Foundations of prononciation
  • Silmilar words in French and English
  • Feminin and masculin, alphabet, verbs...

"Tourist's survival kit"

Two hours "flash" course

2 x 60mn

  • For complete beginners
  • Basic expressions for everyday or touristic use in Geneva/France
  • In the café, at the restaurant, in a taxi, at the store
  • Greetings, etiquette
  • Alphabet, days of the week, numbers
 Brush up, A1 level

10 x 60mn

I learned some French in the past but... I've forgotten!

I'd like to make a quick review... for my personal use, or to prepare for an exam.

  • Basic expressions and grammar in French
  • Speaking, listening, reading, writing
  • Introducing oneself, shopping, asking direction, going to the café...
  • Days, months, hours
  • Numbers, letters
  • Homework
 Brush up, A2 level

10 x 60mn

I used to know how to speak some French but... I've forgotten!

I'd like to make a quick review... for my personal use, or to prepare for an exam...

  • Grammar (oral practice, games...)
  • Speaking (conversation, role playing...)
  • Reading, listening, writing
  • Homework.
  • The book, Grammaire Progressive du Français (beginning level), tu purchase

About me

I'm French an Swiss, and I have live in Geneva for 30 years. I offer :

  • extensive experience as a teacher of French
  • an avid interest in innovation in teaching
  • a friendly atmosphere conducive to learning
  • a highly interactive method
  • a strong emphasis on oral communication
  • if it is a priority, we can of course concentrate on writing tool.


We can meet -at my place, in the Plainpalais neighborhood of Geneva; your home; your workplace; in a park or a café…


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